How to Develop Consistency and Self Discipline

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How to Develop Consistency and Self Discipline


Are your resolutions starting to dwindle? Do you ever have trouble with self discipline or will power? I know I used to REALLY struggle with this! I want to show you how having consistency [Read more...]

Create The Life You Desire in 2015 Webinar

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How To Create the Life You Desire in 2015 (Webinar Recording)


Are you looking to create big change this year? Listen in on my webinar as I talk about [Read more...]

My #1 Tip on How to Stick To Your Resolution

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My #1 Tip on How to Make Your Resolution Stick!


I have one tip for you and I promise it will help you still with your resolution this year! [Read more...]

Being Mindful of How We Speak

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Are You Being Mindful of How You Speak?


We need to be so aware of what we are saying and typing. What you say has a lot of power to it so sometimes the best things to say is...nothing at all. Remember, Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue. [Read more...]

The Bliss Project Speaker Line-Up!


Look Who You'll Be Meeting at The Bliss Project!


Ahhh! I am SO EXCITED! Here is the speaker list for the upcoming 2015 Bliss Project! Who are you most excited to hear from??


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Blue ArrowAre You EXCITED?! Please leave a comment for me below (and go ahead and push that "share" button!)



Needing Help In Our Lives

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Tools For You to Use When You Need Help in Your Life


Do you ever find yourself needing help in your life? Where do you seek it from? Sometimes, when reaching out for help, the first step is to actually help ourselves first. [Read more...]

Questions About The Bliss Project and Special Announcement

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Questions About The Bliss Project and a Special Announcement for You!


Watch as I go over some of the questions that I have been getting about The Bliss Project and I make an Extra Special Announcement! [Read more...]

Connecting With Others

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How to Better Connect with Other People


Why is it, in a world where we are all so connected with iPhones, iPads, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that we feel less connected with people? That true connection we get when we talk to people is gone. Watch as I talk about some of things we can do to help feel that connection again. [Read more...]

Rituals and Habits

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Rituals and Habits and How to Get Results with Them!


What is a ritual? How can I use them to help me get results and achieve my goals? Watch as I teach about Rituals and Habits in your life and how they can help you reach your goals! [Read more...]

Being Impeccable with Your Word

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Are You Being Impeccable with Your Word?


What does Being Impeccable with your word really mean? Watch this video as I talk about what it is and Why it is so important! I also give you some ways to help monitor it! [Read more...]

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