Open Enrollment for The Bliss Habit

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The Bliss Habit is BACK!


Ahhh! I am SO EXCITED! I am officially re-opening enrollment to The Bliss Habit today! At Noon Central/1:00pm EST/10:00am PST registration will open at the Early Bird Pricing! [Read more...]

Goal Setting

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Mindfulness 3 Part Series, Video 3: Goal Setting


The final video of my three part series on “Mindfulness.” In this video, I go over setting goals. Only 20% of people actually set goals and of those 20%, only [Read more...]


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Mindfulness 3 Part Series, Video 2: Forgiveness


This is the second video of my three part series on “Mindfulness.” In this video, I cover the super tough subject of Forgiveness. [Read more...]


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Mindfulness 3 Part Series, Video 1


This is the first video of a 3 part series on “Mindfulness.” [Read more...]

Find More Peace by Confronting Your Issues

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How to find More Peace by Standing Up for Yourself and Confronting Your Issues


Do you find yourself getting frustrated when you don’t stand up for yourself? Or when you need to speak up but don’t? This is a common feeling and frustration. But how do we change it? In this VLOG I talk about how to [Read more...]

Venice Bakery Interview

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An Interview on Chasing Dreams and Not Giving Up!


I got a chance to sit down with an amazing man, Jimmy DeSisto, the owner of Venice Bakery, and we talked about challenges, perseverance, and success. Jimmy’s main goal was to help autistic kids with his Gluten Free product and now it has blossomed into something amazing! I want you to pay special attention to [Read more...]

A Little Compassion Goes A Long Way

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Have some compassion, it really does go a long way.


You know, we often get frustrated with others who are “in our way” in life. Whether it’s on the highway or in the grocery store, or in the position we want at work. We don’t always [Read more...]

Gluten Free!

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The New Gluten Free Meal Guide is Here!


I know that many of you have been asking for a Gluten Free guide and some tips and points about living [Read more...]

How Do You Identify Yourself

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Are You Identifying Yourself by What You Experience?


How do you identify who you are? Are you just a bunch of things that have happened to you; a handful of experiences? Or are you [Read more...]

The Bliss Habit

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Special Announcement! What is The Bliss Habit?


I am so exited to announce my newest coaching program! To piggy back off the Day of Bliss, I have created the Bliss Habit 6 Week Coaching Program! Each week you will get [Read more...]

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