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What you get when you become a Busy Bodies Challenge Member:

  • Three weekly functional workouts you can do anywhere – at the gym or at home – with variations for all fitness levels. Each workout has a video demonstration so you can accurately perform each exercise.
  • Suggested meal guide
  • Cardio suggestions to maximize your results in the most effective way
  • Two monthly group conference calls with Lori to check in, get motivated and ask any questions you have.
  • Access to our private, members-only Busy Bodies Facebook page. This page offers support from both Lori and fellow members, nutrition and fitness tips, recipe ideas, etc. This is a great space that can help hold you accountable to your goals while you and other members motivate each other.
  • The opportunity to win $500 plus 6 FREE months of membership for the best overall transformation during the challenge period.
  • Group motivational/self improvement book of the month recommendations
  • A Busy Girl of The Month for completing various homework tasks/challenges throughout each month.
  • One of the best parts – you get your third month FREE!


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Busy Bodies “Sexy in 60” Challenge Rules


  • FOR NEW BUSY BODIES CHALLENGE MEMBERS: New challenge members pay the above mentioned payment granting access to the program for October, Novemeber, and will receive December for free. Recurring payments of the monthly $59 will start 3 months from the time of purchase. To cancel your membership, you must email: 30 days prior to your next billing cycle or you will be charged for that month.
  • ALL CURRENT BUSY BODIES ONLINE MONTHLY MEMBERS are eligible to enter the 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE by simply sending your before picture to Please title your before picture email with your first and last name – Example: Lori Harder’s October 2014 Before Picture.
  • Contest goes for any 60 consecutive days you choose between October 1st and December 15th, 2014. The days MUST be the same dates as your pictures.
  • Contest starts by contestants emailing a “Before” picture (between October 1st and October 15th) with a newspaper CLEARLY showing the starting date on it. Emails must go to
  • Contest ends 60 days from your personal start date, (the date of your Before Picture) and a final transformation picture will be needed on or before your 60 day period is up to be eligible for the prizes.
  • All “After” pictures will need to be submitted by December 15, 2014, and include a newspaper in the photo for proof of completion date.
  • Photo needs to be in tight-fitting workout type clothes so we can see the transformation. Must be in swimwear or tight shorts and sports bra.
  • Please stand in a normal stance with feet shoulder width apart facing front. I do not need back or side. Make sure the photo is a full body shot against a plain wall if possible. The after photo MUST be taken the same way. You must save your before photo and send your final before and after side by side. (I can’t accept final after pictures that are not in this format due to the amount of participants)
  • I will have a small panel vote on the finalists to choose the overall body transformation winner.
  • Contest winner will be announced shortly after December 15, 2014, with prize money sent out immediately.
  • By entering, you give Lori Harder and Busy Girl Healthy Life the right to use your before and after photos.
  • All Challenge participants MUST also submit a brief essay, no more than 200 words, about why they joined the challenge and the biggest positive changes that have occurred during their time with Busy Bodies in order to be eligible for prizes.


“Please find enclosed with this paper, my post 60-day Busy Girl Healthy Life 60-day Challenge photo taken by my super supportive 12- year old daughter Amy. I can honestly say that any changes between this picture and my “before” picture are truly as a result of the Busy Girl work-outs during this challenge!
As tiny as the physical changes are, I am very pleased with the results! I have been using Isagenix products since April 15, 2013 and while my body initially responded very well to the fabulous nutrition that I was putting into my body, I began to notice small changes (small hints of muscle definition) that I didn’t even know were possible for me, and since they looked kind of cool, I made the decision to get a little more serious about the work-outs that I was doing. I gathered exercise information wherever I could find it and gave a shot at being my own trainer. After seeing no changes despite working very hard, I decided to consider getting some professional help! I was familiar with you Lori, from all of the research and reading that I had done about Isagenix from when I first enrolled, and after researching you and your program, I felt that I could put my trust in you to provide me with the right assistance.
As hard as they were to begin with, I loved the challenging work-outs and I also loved the new 4-week meal plan that came out during the past 60 days. I feel physically stronger and more flexible as a result. I had really hoped that this program would help me to take my level of fitness to a higher level, and it delivered. I religiously got up at 5 am and actually began to enjoy that after I learned that there were others who were already up and working their butts off too. I felt in good company along the way!

What I didn’t expect however, was something that actually happened within me. It wasn’t what I had signed up for! At first, it began with feeling as though I couldn’t wait to log onto my computer to see who was saying what on the Busy Girls’ FB page – the support, positivity and acts of friendship that take place there on a daily basis are simply amazing! Every day I looked forward to reading about other people’s brave journey’s to better health and wellness, and while not all were similar to mine, I learned so very much from the ladies who put themselves “out there” as well as from those who would step up to help guide, teach and sometimes simply cheerlead!! My takeaways from these past 60 days are far-reaching and really not visible on the outside (unless you can see a twinkle in my eyes LOL) and I am a-ok with that! I have re-learned to be brave; to take control of the outcomes by keeping control of my responses (versus reactions) to situations; and to simply take back rightful ownership of my life! I no longer feel fearful to say what I really need to say (which is sometimes the word “no”) and I don’t lose sleep being concerned about what others might think of me afterwards. Thank you Lori for providing the environment, support and tools (the books and your fantastic phone calls!) to make these wonderful things happen. 

Thank you Lori for providing the environment, support and tools (the books and your fantastic phone calls!) to make these wonderful things happen.
~ Sue

“You yourself, as much as anyone else, deserve your love and attention.” This quote from Buddha summarizes where I am in my life right now. 2013 was the year dedicated to me. After some life changing events these past five years, I decided that feeling drained, ho hum, stressed, and having a closet of clothes that didn’t fit wasn’t the business. I went to a naturopath and experimented with a myriad of food choices, vitamins, minerals, tests and shots. But despite those efforts, my weight kept creeping up. As a athlete my entire life (a nationally recognized synchronized swimmer as a teen, a Jazzercise franchisee for a decade, and runner with 9 full marathons under my belt) I was heavier than I’ve ever been and felt drained every day. I looked in the mirror and wondered is this it? Am I now going to be this older, frump-like woman?  Or could I feel stronger, happier, and more complete – even at the age of 55?

Lori’s program has provided me with an easy framework to live by, a community of like-minded women who are supportive, positive, and fun! Lori’s leadership exudes love and provides a positive foundation which everything is built from. In the past 60 days I’ve learned techniques (mind and body) and daily habits that will stick with me long-term. In the short-term, I’ve donated 18 pounds to the universe since February, getting progressively stronger each and every day, feel happy, feel inspired, feel positive and best of all I feel ALIVE!

I can’t thank Lori and the group of Busy Girls enough for their hearts and positive lifestyles. I’ll never be a ‘skinny’ girl but I can be a strong girl (mentally and physically). My work in progress continues but as I end the year I can say I’m definitely a better version of me now than when the year began so mission accomplished.
Thank you Lori and Busy Girls and may the work in progress be blissful in 2014! 

Lori’s program has provided me with an easy framework to live by, a community of like-minded women who are supportive, positive, and fun! Lori’s leadership exudes love and provides a positive foundation which everything is built from.
~ Karen Flynn


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I joined the challenge because I wanted to take my fitness and health to a new level and I wanted more accountability for my actions.  Using the busy bodies page to check in daily has been one of the biggest assets.  I appreciate all the gals that share their stumbling blocks as well as their successes.  It makes me realize everyone else is human just as I am.

The biggest change in my life has by far been my eating habits.  Preparing my meals on Sunday and Wednesday every week has been my saving grace where food is concerned.  Having the workouts laid out for me and just waiting to be done motivates me to complete them each week.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is that people around me are noticing my change.  They notice my lifestyle is different and it is even rubbing off on some!  When my colleague said I motivated her to exercise I was ecstatic! I’m truly thankful for Lori and all the busy bodies!  

When my colleague said I motivated her to exercise I was ecstatic! I’m truly thankful for Lori and all the busy bodies!
~ Aisha Thibodeaux

I’ve been with Busy Girls, on and off, for about two years. I joined because I wasn’t happy with my body, but I wasn’t happy with my life, either. I had had a big hit in my business world, my BIG GOAL world, and it hit me hard emotionally. That was 2011. It’s the first time that I ever, since college, stopped working out. I looked at myself not moving, and thought, what is that? What are you doing? But I kept doing it. And then I had this thought/hope: my body is the only thing that’s mine, that I CAN control. If I can just get some peace around that, I can have peace in my life. Barriers will fall. Things will happen. And Colleen, you’re lucky enough to have a body that will work and respond. You have no excuses, except your own will power or lack thereof. So I set out to teach myself that I could do this thing. Have the body I wanted, hoping to get the life I wanted.

And, then I saw these abs… these abs on the cover of Oxygen. They’d been on my fridge forever, these abs, of some chick I really wanted to emulate. So I said, let me find out who that is and how SHE got her abs… and I found Lori Harder and Busy Girl Healthy Life.

What I found was bigger than that.

Yes, my body is mine, and if I use my will power, and my joy of moving, I can transform it. But from getting more fit, I haven’t gotten the job of my dreams (yet), I haven’t hit it big (yet) but I now remember what I had forgotten. I remember that I kick ass! I remember why I believed in myself when I was a kid, and in college and all of those years until I somehow started doubting myself. I believe in me and my dreams again. And for that, I am forever grateful to Lori Harder and her unstoppable, almost annoyingly exuberant positivity. For making me realize that my body is just a vessel to carry my dreams and my goals. And that while I make it smokin’ hot — that what is more important is to create positive energy around me, and that energy is what moves me forward, and you forward, and us forward, and the world. It’s like riding a wave, one after the other. 

I am forever grateful to Lori Harder and her unstoppable, almost annoyingly exuberant positivity.
~ Colleen Davie Janes

This challenge has been a very intense one for me. I think mainly because it was my 1 year anniversary of working out with you and I wanted to see a huge change in my body. I didn’t realize how much pressure having that train of thought had on me. This caused me to have a few weeks of meltdowns during my workouts. I would literally start crying during my workouts, because I felt like my body was never going to change. I had to use every ounce of power within me to get through them.  My negative thoughts were beating me down. I kept saying “Fake it ’til I make it!” And that would help, but it wasn’t easy.  Thanks to e+shots and good music, I was always able to finish. Haha

The turning point for me was right after Halloween. We planned our trip up to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see my husband’s family and we were to have family pictures taken. I determined to chill out and love my body and be nice to myself! I started by going to bed earlier and eating “clean”. It’s amazing how just doing those 2 things helped my determination to stick to what made me feel happy!  It truly is a ripple effect!

Your calls and quotes about changing my negative thoughts and immediately replacing them with positive ones have helped me immensely!  I have noticed a huge change in the way I speak to myself.  I have been nicer to myself when I look in the mirror and I know that that has helped me be excited to wake up in the morning, loving my life and being grateful for who I am, and all the many wonderful blessings I’ve been given. It was the call right before Thanksgiving that just made me so happy and was such a fantastic “a-ha! moment” for me about being a light to others and spreading happiness in every place I am.  I have so many reasons to be thankful, and I realized that I have a lot of happy energy that I can share with those around me!

During my previous challenges, I felt like I was stressed out and famished. This time around, I felt more confident and accepting of myself. I feel that this challenge has been a huge turning point for me. In all honesty, I can see now that when I started, it was with the sole intention of changing my body, but that just made me feel discouraged and miserable. Once I focused on accepting myself and loving my body, my whole perspective changed. Your idea of focusing on “earning my happy”, by working out, thinking positively, eating clean and getting to bed earlier, has really helped me. I love to be happy.  I want to be the best wife, mother, daughter and friend that I can be. I’ve noticed that when I start my day early, with earning my happy, I have been more capable of shining my light brightly and spreading it to others.

Thank you, Lori for being a light to me and helping me develop habits of self-appreciation and spreading happiness to others. 

Your calls and quotes about changing my negative thoughts and immediately replacing them with positive ones have helped me immensely!
~ Jaynee Wright

On the very last day I signed up for the ‘Sexy in 60’ challenge. The prospect of an amazing body, exhilarating! If I’m honest though, this challenge was about NOT self-sabotaging me. During other fitness journeys, always when I got close to what I felt was my best self, I began sabotaging myself. This challenge was about getting past that wall and not stalling, not making decisions that resulted in a downward spiral. I did hit a few rough patches during the last two months with the difference that this time despite the negative thoughts, I continued on. I didn’t let the negativity stop my progress. Now, 60 days later, I am here and proud! All this positive energy I get to share with my family and friends. The challenge did not only affect me, but also the people in my life. It enabled me to fight through the negativity. That may not seem like a big deal, but considering how my emotions set the tone for my day, I now feel empowered. I decide to have a good day! I decide to learn from the negativity, acknowledge it, and move through it!  

This challenge was about getting past that wall (of self sabotage) and not stalling, not making decisions that resulted in a downward spiral.
~ Aisha Thibodeaux

The Winner Receives $500 CASH, a Busy Girl Healthy Life Hard Copy Cookbook AND 6 MONTHS FREE of the Monthly Plan, along with an interview and a special feature on the site!


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